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How to make an app log?

canedjecanedje Member
edited February 2018 in Questions & Help
At Github I do see sometimes people sending an app logcode within an issue.
I know how to make a Homey log at the system part of the desktop programm.
But how do I make an app log and send it to Homey?

I did find this text somewhere at Github, but don't understand:
When you are updated to the next Homey Firmware (When the next above 1.5.3 is Stable) you can send a Log from the Settings Apps when the App has crashed or by holding the Ctrl- Key and clicking on the link behind the App name when it happens again but the app isn't crashed yet.
please report the code here for the App developer / Athom to analyse the log.

I do run at 1.5.6
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