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Neo Coolcam Deursensor and range

Hi guys,

Just purchased a 4pack of neo coolcam zwave doorsensors to replace my old kaku doorsensors that homey really didn't want to work with. Goal, improve reliability and get rid of my old homewizard box.

They paired fine, however, like the old kaku devices homey stops responding when I move the sensors over ca 5 meters of distance from homey with just one wall or floor in between.  :(

I what I'm attempting just not possible or should I look into a different type of setup or look for sensors with better range?



  • Zwave-devices can create a mesh but only powered devices act as routers. So if you add one or more plugs (or switches or other main-powered devices) then you'll be able to reach the other rooms.
  • max range 8meters without walls and distortion .
    so you have to expand youre zwave mesh with powered devices to make it work ok
  • Now this is why we have Main topics.
    Plz ask ur question there. If u have any problems with that plz contact me via PM.
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