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Direct association


I've tried to direct associate my wallmote (node id 15) with my nanodimmers (node id 12 and 13)
Please see attached screenshots.
This first one is a screenshot of group associations on the WallMote:

This second screenshot is a screenshot of the nanodimmer:

As far as i know, this should have worked. When trying to turn on/off the nanodimmer with the wallmote or holding my finger on the wallmote the mid LED blinks 4-5 times blue and then 1 time red and nothing happens.

What have I done wrong?


  • Hi there.
    As the Nano Dimmers have both S1 and S2 you need to specify wish part of it you want to trigger.
    Edit the settings in your Wallmote to 12.1 for S1 or 12.2 for S2 and so on.

    Best of luck. 
  • It actually got solved by removing 12 and 13 from group 2 and 4.
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