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turning on tv with chromecast and Homey

Sorry for the noob question.

I currently use my google home in my living room to command my chromecast to turn on my tv.

I'm getting a homey soon.

Can I do the same with a voice command from Homey without my google home present in the room?


  • If u make a flow with speech u can do this yes. Currently there is a little bug in the app it seems but Athom is working on that.

  • Thanks for the quick answer.

    Besides using chromecast, what other way would you recommend to control the TV?

    I'm deciding between 2017 versions of LG and Samsung, which do Homey work with best? I remember reading that Samsung TVs the latest versions essentially don't work even with their own Smartthings, so is LG a  better bet ? 

    Do the IR versions of homey app at least work with Samsung or LG?

    Or should I just forget it and buy a Harmony hub?

  • Is different for a lot of users. I use Philips TV and the Philips IR app and is working flawless.
    The Harmony seems to work ok according the messages on the forum.
    IR on my Homey os working as it should, even when not in line of sight. Other users report some troubles with IR so also different in a lot of cases.
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