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[NEW UPDATED] Export Insights (insights2csv) v2.0.0

gruijter_devgruijter_dev Member
edited February 2018 in Apps

Export Insights

Make a backup of all your insights to your NAS or other WebDAV compliant storage. The insights are zipped and stored in .csv format so you can open them in excel and create all kinds of statistics and charts.

Backups can be easily scheduled by using the trigger card in a flow. You can schedule a full backup, or a backup per app.

Note: making a backup can take a long time (more than 10 minutes), depending on how many insights you have. It is not possible to restore a backup into Homey.

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Version changelog

v2.0.0	2018.02.04 Complete rewrite to SDK2. Flows need to be repaired!
v0.0.2  2017.06.05 Added per-app backup
v0.0.1  2017.05.19 Initial release


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