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Z-Wave Mobile-iOS-App2 Alarms

Jablotron Alarm system Z-wave protocol

Hi all, 
Is anyone working on integrating the alarm system / sensors of the Jablotron wireless alarm system?

They have quite a nice collection of different devices and an integration with Homey would benefit many owners. 


  • Iam in!!
  • @DoctorO as far as I’m aware Jablotron does not have an alarm system that has native support for Z-wave (no Jablotron products registered at least); only option I’ve seen it connecting a Fibaro binary sensor to the alarm system...

    Can you indicate what setup you have in mind? Provide more details (links etc)?
  • I'd like to simply use all possible  sensors at doors, windows, PIR to combine it with flows in homey.

    For example when a fire or smoke is detected I can set my Philips Hue and Ikea lamps in blinking mode etc etc.
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