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Subscribing to device value changes

From an app, how can I subscribe to value changes for devices matching a certain condition? First, I cannot figure out how to get all the devices -- I was expecting a "ManagerDevice" class or similar, but I can't find it. Next, for a Device instance, I cannot see a way of getting the value change notifications. What am I missing?


  • DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Backer - Super Early Bird
    Have a look at the Heimdall app:https://apps.athom.com/app/com.uc.heimdall

    You can get the devices through te API and then attach a listener to the devices you want.
  • KyrcioKyrcio Member
    edited February 3
    Thanks! I saw this Athom-api being used in other apps before, but it confuses me a little. The version on github https://github.com/athombv/node-athom-api, seem to be 1.0.x, but I seem to be needing 2.0.x. Where can I find the source to 2.0.x? Or how is it intended to be used? NPM gives me 1.0.x.

    From what I understand, that npm package is intended to be used from outside the Homey, while the Homey module is intended to be used by apps? Or did I misunderstand it.
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