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Mycroft Mark II, alternative to Amazon Echo and Google Home ?

I found this device on Kickstarter, which should be an (open) voice assistent alternative to Amazon Echo and Google Home.


Voice assistants from Big Tech know a lot about you. They know when you get home, how many people are in the house, what type of pets you have, and what your calendar looks like. Here at Mycroft, we’ve got the only voice assistant that respects your privacy. We don’t capture information about you, your family or your pets.

We don’t store voice data: Other voice assistants on the market store every voice snippet they hear. At Mycroft, we delete the recordings as they come in, unless you actively choose to share your data by opting into our open data set. 

Could this be an alternative device to use with Homey ??? 


  • Tbh: Just like Athom they don't have millions to spend on voice-technology. So don't think the recognition will be any better then Homey's, though the six mics instead of 2 might work. But they're selling the privacy as an USP, Homey has had that from the beginning...

    more info:

  • Don't forget it's their 2nd KS project, and their only purpose is voice.
    So all their budget goes into developing voice and nothing else.

    I do think time will learn if its a viable solution.
    Other then that i don't hate being locked in an ecosystem (like Amazon or Apple), that has advantages too.
  • I read that article and was looking for more information for a while, this weekend. Seems that they have concentrated on better hardware for voice recognition, so that might work.
    However, I was unable to find reviews of the mark 1 and/or the open source version that can be installed on a Raspberry Pi for example. I'm not sure how good it is. And I've already invested way too much in kickstarter projects that simply didn't fulfill the promises.
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