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Xiaomi switch - Fibaro dimmer fast flow (any button-any dimmer)

LyoshaDovolenLyoshaDovolen Member
edited January 2018 in Questions & Help

When held down > start changing intensity
When released > pause of changing intensity 


mSecond timer script with pauses?


  • cbhcbh Member
    I'm not sure if the switch sends the "key held" command repeatedly while it is held down - or if it just sends that command once, when the threshold time limit has been reached.

    If it does, try look at this topic regarding how to make a dimming flow ( - the action card you've chosen sets a definite value and only that - so no matter how many times the floew is activated, it will not change the light.
    If you use the relavtive brigthness (device specific), it will dim, however.

  • meylandmeyland Member
    Have you found a flow that works? 
  • deweyfosterdeweyfoster Member
    edited June 2018
    Yes, I'm interested in it too. Have you found it?
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