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Flow to run only on weekdays but ... else fails..

Hi Guys,

So, I have created this flow, that runs every morning at 8.30. It checks buienradar, and, when rain is expected warns me about it. The AND statement ensures that someone needs to be home, rain is expected in 1 hour, and today is a weekday.

The flow perfectly works when indeed all ANDs are met. However, I'd like a message in ELSE to state it will remain dry if no rain is expected. If I include it, it will report every Weekend morning that no rain is expected, which is what I want to avoid.

Did I run into the limitations of the flow structure or is there another way to make this work?



  • Else got triggerd, because it are no weekdays. so thats correct. But its a bit difficult to understand the way you flow is build. so can you put a screenshot of your flow

  • No problem, I knew the else got triggered correctly, just wondered whether there was a way to set it up differently <span>:smile:</span>

  • I cant think of a way in one flow. 
    The trigger is the time and on a saterday and sunday the time trigger does also triggers.

    Think you have to make a second flow.
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