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Connect Sonoff basics

Weet iemand een manier om de Sonoff Basic aan Homey te koppelen als ie al via de smartphone app werkt?


  • JPeJPe Member
    edited January 2018
    JasperB said:
    Het is niet mogelijk om zowel op je Smartphone als op Homey tegelijk te werken helaas,
    je kan natuurlijk wel vanaf je Smartphone via Homey-Sonoff-App, de Sonoff bedienen.

    It is not possible to work simultaneously on both your Smartphone and Homey, unfortunately, You can, of course, operate the Sonoff from your Smartphone via Homey-Sonoff-App.
  • Sorry for the  Dutch, forgot...

    I have that installed and it works fine for from Sonoff devices that are NOT setup to use the standard app. My issue is that I am unable to add them to Homey after they have been setup.

    The aim is to be able to use them directly from Google Home Mini AND via Homey.
  • Ahhh well, they are cheap enough to experiment with, thanks for the help!
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