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What I love about homey is the device itself.. It is a wonderful little thing! But for hardcore homeauto nerding.. It is a really pain to use.
I want to replace "flow" with my node-red installation, and then I want to replace "insights" with my prometheus (or influxdb) installation using grafana as a frontend.
I'm not the only one that want to go all-nerdy like this.. But homey makes it hard!

The best way I've found is to use the "Devices" app and the "A sensors value have changed" card. Then create an mqtt sender with a json like: `{"zone":  Zone, "name":  Name, "value":  Value}`. And those are the only 3 values I get... :(
Then do this for the stuff you want.

For the "nodered to homey" part, it would be even worse..

What about a (nerd-node) where you can:
  * Send sensordata to a remote
  * Trust actionable data from a remote

I really don't care about the format, it wont be a problem.. But please, let people use the device as a (got it all hardware)-box, where we can do the interface/logic/metric part ourself..


  • is not going to happen and not the way Emile mom would use Homey   <3
  • Thanks for the links! Will check them out...

    Just to make it clear. I do understand that Emile's mom (and my own mom for that sake) won't bother.. :p That would be funny tho...

    But there are so many people that want total control. And it feels like they are forgotten about, since the device is locked down the way it is. Our moms won't try to root it, and they probably wont ever go to the settings panel. But I will, and I would click the "enable super-geek mode", or enter a valid address in the "send every event to this url using POST".
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited January 2018
    That is 2 big differences, you and your mom. 
    But also think about the path in between, when people think they know, switch nerd mode on, making the possibilities of it going wrong infinite, and then they bump into an issue which they can't get out of themselves, and can't explain properly because they don't have enough knowhow. 

    So they will step to athom support, then the session of such an support case is not hours or maybe a few days for weird issues.
    but can take weeks if not months to find out where it went wrong.
    And as the user base is growing more and more those cases will pile up.

    They already have that "problem" with experimental users vs stable, where not a lot changes useally...
    Let alone such an option

    They already added an app for your own scripts, but they atleast can narrow it down to that very easily
  • @caseda I agree that rooting the device should be very hard, if not impossible. Otherwise all the cool stuff will soon REQUIRE rooting (look at iOS vs Android).

    however, more integrations with third party tools is surely something all geeks miss, along with more expressive power in flows. Maybe the path to this is more flexibility for apps too access stuff? (Or maybe the apps API is already enough for e.g Influxdb integration?)
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