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Bluetooth BLE support starting to look more and more interesting

synegicsynegic Member
edited January 2018 in Ideas & Suggestions
Hello there!

I just came across this nifty new Xiaomi device while looking to buy some more sensors: Took me some time to figure out what protocol it will be using, but it seems to be a new range of products that work on BLE (which would also be the most logical choice), and (of course) a new kind of hub they'll launch. To me, it seems like a very 'economical' way to take your smart home to the next level (and have Homey open the door for you) if it'd be possible to pair it with the built-in Bluetooth functionality of Homey..

Now, the biggest question is ofcourse if Homey will be supporting this kind of device. So here it goes; will it be possible to read/control BLE devices in the near future? I'd surely be willing to take a leap of faith, buy one and build a driver for it once the technical possibility to assimilate is there. :-)

PS: I think in general supporting BLE will be very useful, seen the amount of new BLE-based products being released all around. Of course it's no IKEA, but the possibilities seem to be endless.
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