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How to find root cause when Homey freezes and requires reboot

I have been running Homey very stable since April last year. However, over the last two weeks, I have noticed that overnight Homey becomes unresponsive and requires rebooting. I am trying to replicate the issue which is difficult, as I do not know what triggers Homey to stop responding. Could be IFTTT, Fibaro, Virtual Device or something else for that matter. I have no flows running overnight, apart from switching on sleepmode, activate alarm and switching off when I wake up.

Will the logfiles still be storing data before a Homey freezes? How can I analyse this?


  • bkirkbkirk Member
    edited June 13
    Same problem here.  During the last week my homey stops responding at least once a day. I need to unplug it from the power and reinsert it to get it working again :-(
  • BramBram Administrator, Athom
    You can always contact support@athom.com so we can try to analyze the problem
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