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Flow to messure energy

I have a variety of smart Power plugs able to messure the energy consumption. I am stuck in what way i can transform this info info a nice flow. Did search this forum, but probably overlooked the answer.

What i really really want is: a flow that messures the power consumption of my Power plug but that it also can do the calculations like Power consumption is x and energyprice is y, so costs are z. Maybe the flow(s) is/are able to calculate this for a day, for a week, a month or a year. I have seen Some briljant flows from many members. Maybe they can help me with this kind of flow. 

In real live i want for instance to calculate how much the energy costs are for my Quooker when Power is always on, or when Power is only during daytime on. If this is possible i will try to reduce my Power consumption for more situations.

I have looked at the insights, but for me that is probably no exact enough, or i did not figure out in what way i could get that information from the insights.

Thanks in advance from an happy Homey user.

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