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[Nest] Two different target temperatures set when used in a flow

Hi all, I have a consistent issue when using the official Athom app for Google Nest as an action in a flow. Each time the target temperature on my thermostate is changed from a flow, Homey seems to send 2 target temperatures of which one is always 23 degrees Celsius. The order of the 2 target temperatures seems to be random. Due to this I've experienced twice now that the flow that should set the temperature to 15 degrees at midnight, actually sets it to 23 degrees. This does not always happen, since as I mentioned sometimes the correct target temperature is send as the latter of the two. I've done extensive tests and I can see the temperature on the thermostate change quickly from current to another and to another, of which in my testing one of the 2 is always 23 degrees.

I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? I already removed the entire Nest app and reinstalled, rebooted Homey in between, but the issue remains the same. It does not seem to happen by the way when you set the temperature directly from the Nest Thermostate device card in the Devices screen; It only happens when set in a "Then" action in a flow.

Curious who experienced the same issue or maybe didn't notice yet...


  • Do you have the preview of the mobile app v2 installed? If you open the device, you can see the flows which affect the device. Can you confirm it's no other flow which sends this?
  • No I have an iPhone with the official app store version. I can confirm however it is no other flow. I have removed all other flows and even apps and can reproduce it at will.
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