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Fibaro Binary and temperature measurement by DS18B20

I looked thouroughly in the forum without success on this issue
I wonder somebody had better experience and  suggest a link on the forum to self instruct on their use

Previous experience:
I had several problems with their use, i.e. since temeperatures were not shown after connecting sensors to the Binary ALREADY previously paired and correctly working

Following the thread:

1) I disconnected the Binary Sensor from Homey
2) I tried to re-pair:
    the device was apparently acknowledged but not functioning at all, even IN1 and IN2 not responding

At the end I finally succeeded to repair the Binary only after a reset to new WIFI SSID
So far I gave up to measure temperature by the DS18B20 sensors

Any suggestion to let them work?


  • As stated in the device's manual, you need to repair your device if it is already included without the sensors connected, as connected temperature sensors are only recognized during inclusion.

    After the re-pair IN1 and 2 don't work properly because a setting which is not send during inclusion which is needed, introduced in 1.5.6 rc6
    Fixed in rc8
  • Oh thanks, I understand now!
    Looked for not found though sorry

    Does repairing means I have to disconnect the device and pair again?
    You know I had problems on pairing again devices previously disconnected
    Or can I just reset the Fibaro binary device?

    What does it mean rc8?
    Actual update of Fibaro App is v1.5.13 
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited January 2018
    the inputs not working is not an app issue, but an issue caused in the homey firmware, v1.5.6 RC6 = "Homey FirmWare v1.5.6 Release Candidate 6, working towards an stable build"
    so RC8 is just 2 extra updates above RC6.
    at least i think it was 1.5.6 RC6 where it went wrong, could have been before but no one noticed.

    re-pairing does mean, delete it from homey, (if you want to be sure, reset the device to factory default afterwards), and after that include it back again to homey, but this time make sure the sensors are connected to the binary sensor.
    if you are not on the latest experimental update (really understandable) then add this expert parameter:

    this will set the Parameter 14,
    which has a size of 1 hexadecimal byte,
    to value: 1

    usually this is send on pairing, but as said before, something went wrong.

    Note! Every time when any changes are made to the configuration of TP and TD lines (1-wire), e.g. when DS18B20 sensor(s) is (are) included/excluded, it is necessary to execute the procedure of exclusion and repeated inclusion of the sensor module to the central hub

    - first page, right hand side

  • thanks a lot Caseda
    I am on Homey Firmware Version: 1.5.3
    don't know which Rc (not shown by System)

    I will stay on normal updates avoiding to Subscribe to experimental updates
    to be be more cautious at least untill stable versions come on


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