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couple of qustions

ehdegrootehdegroot Member
edited January 2018 in Archive

i’ve got a couple of questions.

- what for is the option :  een notificatie is verstuurd / a notifictation has been send
- how can i round numbers to whole numbers
- how can i add hours or days to time or date?
- how can i repeat an action. for example i want to repeat a cuckoo sound the amount of the hour.


  • Could you be more specific about what app you are thinking about?
    For #2 there is a function 'round' in the app better logic. 
  • uhmmm... homey? the flow editor? where you make the flows.
  • uhmmm... beter logic app is not better per se... i can’t even add a tag to it... when i try, it crashes...
    its even worst... every time i get the + sign it disapears suddenly as fastbas it came but the hotspot disapears also so the hit ratio decreases enormeously.

    i must admit... its too cold there where my pc is, so i use splashtop on my ipad...  o:)

    however... i don’t have that issue with the tags in other apps.
  • casedacaseda Member
    edited January 2018
    did you ever looked at either the search function on the forum, or at least on the support pages of athom.

    everything you asked is either on the support pages (question 2) and the first and thirth question can be found on the forum
  • uhmmm no... why not? coz i was looking for a repeating option... never thought to search for a specific idea. The chance to find anything then is pretty small.

    however, this time i was not the only one who wanted this. But... i think it is a version thing... it is not possible anymore to make this flow

    of course i am trying too adjust it but i cannot add tags to the logic panels... its just locked... see my previous post... dame thing now happens with the build in logic...

    i am so confused,,,

  • even this is not allowed (anymore)

  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited January 2018
    Well this is goin the wrong way very soon. Like @caseda told u before: It's all out there, just need to search for it.
    Set a variable in the Better Logic app requiers to make the variable first in de settings page before u can actualy set the variable itself. For dragging tags in the Better Logic cards to set a variable: Not possible. U have to type the name of the variable in there. Rest of the questions are answered alr in here so closing this topic. Next time try to use the search function and, if u cannot find the correct answer, try to make a topic with 1 question. Also check where u can best post it. If u have any questions about me closing this topic feel free to contact me in a pm. Or ask any of the other moderators.
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