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Fibaro motion sensor in Burglar alarm after reset Homey

canedjecanedje Member
edited January 2018 in Archive
Every time after a reset of Homey a couple of hours later the Fibaro motion detector is doing a burglar alarm.
It can only be resetted by puting the device in the learning mode.
Is this normal? Is there something to do against it? Beside this the device is working well


  • lubbertkramerlubbertkramer Member
    edited January 2018
    Please use the search function, you are running an experimental Homey version so we may expect some more from you then just opening up a topic with a question. You already answered in the Neo question about movement not turned off where was said it was a bug. We have a generic Fibaro app topic and also can you search on Github for existing issues, there you will find it's a bug :) 

    I will close this topic, if you have any questions about it contact me or any other moderator.
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