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Zigbee Flows

Zigbee/Z-wave - repeat failed command

I have a few Ikea lights, which seem to be close to the maximum range of Zigbee. Turning them on/off works maybe every 7 out of 10 times and if it fails, retry usually gets it done. It would be nice if Homey would automatically retry any failed Flow actions. Maybe have it as a configurable setting on the flow with the ability to specify how many retries etc. 


  • The Zigbee network is working as a Mesh, do you have any lights in between the Homey and the lights which are not working?
    I think you have the problem with GU10 spots of Ikea? Some of them use old firmware

  • canedjecanedje Member
    edited January 2018
    There are Zigbee/ Ikea reliability troubles with Homey. see Github and other topics. Athom is busy solving this.
    in my case Ikea bulbs are not reacting anymore after about 24 hours I do need to reset/ ptp Homey to fix this. 

    What version are you running?
  • I'm running 1.5.6-rc.8. I believe the problem is the link from Homey to the 1st light, which is ~10 meters and thru one windowed wall. I have 6 lights in total in the mesh, and if I issue an command to switch them all, I get an 75% hit rate on the first command. The remaining lights usually then obey on the 2nd or 3rd command. For now I've solved this by having the Flow repeat the action with delay, up to 4 times which gives it a 95% success rate. 
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