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Your expectations for this year

First of all happy new year.
On this first day of the new year i'm wondering what are your expectations for homey this year. 

What features do you expect or would you hope for. 


  • Stable zwave and zigbee. Then native alexa skill and german release. 

    But that will be too much I think. 
  • I think only the last part is something that is going to take longer.

    Would be awesome if Athom would release the UI in German, disable the internal speech and give a free Echo Dot with every Homey. Speech output from Homey in German shouldn't be that hard, and native Alexa in German should work soon.

    But i am hoping for some decent device grouping as well (With zigbee groups support), more customizable notifications (with custom trigger buttons, images and videos embedded)
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited January 2018
    We will see, but zigbee groups will be very cool as well @swttt
  • canedjecanedje Member
    edited January 2018
    I hope the most on a stable Homey, especially the Z-wave and Zigbee part. Beside that I hope a good presence and/or Geofencing system
  • Stable z-wave, stable z-wave, did I mention stable z-wave?

    After that all the features Athom listed on here look good:
  • I hope for presence detection will more reliable for Android.
    And yes i know there are other apps that can do the trick. 
  • Stability in general.....right now its not that great. 
    More updates!! And better quality of experimental firmware, pre-alphas shouldn't be there at all for genpop.....halfbricking units and functionality is not fun for anyone. Less people who test and quality will suffer.
  • A Homey with a LAN port and backup possibility would be welcome.
  • cbhcbh Member
    Agree on stability.
    And on features: Imagine, if the Sonos app made it possible to control Sonos as it is possible with the native interface (and even add some missing functionalities to that)... If TuneIn radio stations could be controlled, if it didn't matter which music service you subscribe to, if playlists made in Sonos (or the music service you subscribe to) were available... Or if Homey could ungroup/regroup speakers based on different triggers...
  • Hmm will try again, more 868Mhz device support such as homematic and KaKu security devices, increased bluetooth support such as flic, crownstone etc, possibility to rollback to stable and restore without losing all settings and devices for example a backup facility built in to the core. Also as mentioned above Sonos and Spotify support improvements would be welcome.
  • I really hope to see the issues around music / sonos fixed. Would love to have reliable timed music or to be able to select playlists with a button

  • First of all the best wishes for 2018. :)

    As we enter 2018,  Homey, Google mini and Amazon Echo are competing in my home and soon will decide which device will be surviving and will stay to steer my home in future. Alexa is doing very well until now, but is a bit stubborn. Google is a bit smarter with regular questions, but lags the apps to do a proper domotica job. Homey is working very well, but telling me to often 'I don't understand what you want' and that's is really annoying. :p
     So, the battle is still going on in my home. Google and Amazon are closing in on the Athom Homey, and sooner or later two of them have to move out.  :D
    I hope Athom will have bluetooth and Nest cam support soon, and off course a good working Dashboard, so we don't need the experimental voice control anymore. Hope they keep up the good work, as the did the last year's. 
  • Proper backup features is a must from my end.
  • phil_s said:
    Then native alexa skill and german release. 

    Well your first new years wish is already a step closer to be fullfilled. A new native alexa app is up and running.


  • right ;-)
  • Zwave stability
    Good looking and fast dashboard 
    Better and more music functionalities (in combination with heos), for example to group devices 

  • Oh, another one.. Search option in Insights.
    Searching devices manually feels unnecessary.
    • Stability
    • Good presence detection
    • Better insights (searching, 'compression', easier control enabeling/disabling)
    • Easier creation of complex flows (reduction of number of flows)
    • Desktop app for creation of flows (should not have been a priority in the new mobile app)
    • Native Android/IOS/... widgets in  mobile app (should have been a priority
    • Less focus on all these new 868, 433, whatever things
    • Merging of apps (lots of ziggbee or zwave apps could be combined, taking less memory)
    • Don't drop the desktop app
  • a fast delivery of Homey <span>:wink:</span>
  • I would already be happy if the desktop-app and/or Chrome interface stays. I would be very disappointed if there's only a smartphone interface left which might be fine for dwarfs with tiny sneaky fingers but not suitable for a middle-aged angry guy with sausage fingers like me;). I would like to keep on working with a normal size screen ( >= 14 inch ) and a normal keyboard. 
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