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Device classes - how to?

I am working on an app that uses the "Curtains & Blinds" device class. The information is found on

This generates a set of "default" premade flow cards:

- Opened
- Closed
- Position Changed #level

- Is open 

- Open Curtain
- Close Curtain
- Set to position

Now I made a capability "dim", which works for the mobile card but also gets the "Set to position" value correctly. Because that works, also the "Position Changed #level" trigger works directly.

However, I am wondering how I can make the other 2 cards... is that the "onoff" capability? Do I have to create a windowcoverings_tilt_up and windowcoverings_tilt_down capability? Or does this work differently?


  • Asked bas kiers on slack regarding the tilt flowcards not showing in my app as they appear in somfies  here but they are not yet implemented in the core.
    He hacked them in the app as they were not yet implemented in 1.5.6 .... 
    Guess there is more to be done.
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