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Approach on advanced automated lighting

I need some help to better construct my flows for my automation of the lighting at home.

Atm, it's working fine, but the flows that triggers everything is a total mess, and it is a hopless road of trail and error when i want to change something.

I have about 50 hue bulbs at home, they are installed in the following rooms
- Hallway
- Kitchen
- Livingroom
- TV-room
- Bedroom
- Windows lights 
- garden lightning

All of these bulps are automated with homey, based on mainly multi-geo-fencing, the sun, and some events ( sleeping, TV turned on, alarm goes of, smokedetector etc). And this works very well.

What I want to do, is build a flow, that I can use to restore the lightning after a event, AND also use based on the sun/geo-fencing.
With this I can always just trigger the "set lighning flow" when a event has ended, when someone came home or the sun went down etc.

Example of flows that would be using this "set lighting flow".
- First person came home -> set lighting
- Last person left home -> set lighting
- sunset starts -> set lighting
- sunrise ends -> set lighting

Also, for example when special events are running, for example sleeping, or "looking at TV", it should reset to "set ligtning flow".

So after a long introduction, i'm not sure what the best approach and structure of flows would be to achieve this, here is a flow chart of the chain that should occur when "set lighting flow" is triggered.

the important benefit of this, is that I would only have ONE place to adjust when "daytime" should be triggered, or what scenes that will be triggered etc. Today, if I want to change the standard scene in the kitchen and living room, I need to look through loads of flows setting the scenes of different conditions.

I cannot think of a way to construct this "set lighting flow" in less than 7 flows. Some one that have a better idea?

Flow1 | set ligting flow triggered > home? > yes, else no
Flow2 | Flow1 YES > daytime? > yes, else no
Flow3 | Flow1 NO > daytime? > yes, else no
Flow4 |  Flow2 YES -> turn all ligths of
Flow5 |  Flow2 NO -> set standard lighting for home and dark outside
Flow6 |  Flow3 YES -> turn all ligths of
Flow7 |  Flow3 NO -> set standard lighting for not home and dark outside

The ability to nest if and else if would make the so much less painful  :# .

PS. this was a very long post on a quite simple question, guess you'll understand why I have such of a problem keeping my flows nicely constructed.


  • casedacaseda Member
    edited December 2017
    just combine them?

    Flow 1:
    is someone home, and is it dark? [THEN]> turn lights on home
                                                                [ELSE]> flow 2
    Flow 2:
    is no one home, and is it dark? [THEN]> turn lights on away
                                                           [ELSE]> turn lights off
  • caseda said:
    just combine them?

    Flow 1:
    is someone home, and is it dark? [THEN]> turn lights on home
                                                                [ELSE]> flow 2
    Flow 2:
    is no one home, and is it dark? [THEN]> turn lights on away
                                                           [ELSE]> turn lights off
    This was a smart and easy way to construct this. I think I got stuck on that there is 4 out comes from the flow chain (home night, home day, away night, & away day. But there essentially is 3, since home day and away day will do the same thing.

    I think this approach will work very well, thank you caseda.
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