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Help with flow that does not work as planned


I've created a flow that really doesn't work as i thought it would
what i expected and I'd really appreciate if someone can tell me why.
What i tried to accomplish with the flow in the picture is:

1. If the Luminace exceeds 40 Lumen during 8:01 and 23:24 the two lights in the flow turns off (works) 
2. Mon-fri at 23:30 and sat-sun at 01:30 the two lights in the flow should turn off. What happens at the specified times is only the light "Golvlampa" is turned off, the light "Skrivbord" does not turn off but remains lit.

Does anybody have any suggestions why not both the devices Skrivbord and Golvlampa turns off?


  • Hi @Towanda,
    The issue is the following: Your motion sensor doesn't always send an luminance change update. This is only happening if a certain treshhold has been passed. This means that exactly at either 23:30 or 01:30 you're treshold has been 'hit'. This is impossible to plan this.

    Best solution: make three flows:
    1. The luminance has changed -> time and lumincance greater than 40
    2. When the day is between Sunday and Thursday
    3. When the day is between Saterday and Sunday

    Hope this helps!
  • What @caros says but the last 2 flows can be put in flow using a delay for the else:
    2+3) when the time is 23.30 and day is between sunday and thursday then turn of lights else turn of lights with delay of 2 hours....
  • And how do u explain that 1 light IS turning off and 1 stays on?
  • Are there other flows involving devices Skrivbord and Golvlampa, beside these flow?
    Maybe thats causing misfunction.
    An other thing I can think about is that you use different time delay in the cards devices Skrivbord and Golvlampa some how.
  • Jag hade ett liknade problem och fick detta tipset.

  • @Lakeman Let's try to keep it in English, not a lot of people here speak Swedish haha!
  • TowandaTowanda Member
    edited December 2017
    Thanks for your input, the device "Skrivbord" was active in in another flow that turned it of when a timer endet (the timer was motion activated). It is also active in a voice activated flow that turns it off.

    Removed it from the first flow and will see if that makes a difference.

    edit: forgot to press post yesterday so i didn't notice the last two replies. Tack (thats swedish for thank you), will look into that post. Seems I had another flow that turned one of the devices off at 23:30. :/ Now that I removed that one, none of the devices is turned off.  :)
  • That's good. 1 down, 1 to go.
    Can u now post a screenie of ur settings of the sensor?
    Because like @Caros mentioned:
    Caros said:
    Your motion sensor doesn't always send an luminance change update. This is only happening if a certain treshhold has been passed.
    So let's try to narrow it down by totaly delete the middle colom and test it that way.
    But according the settings of ur sensor this flow is triggered or not.
  • Good to hear B)
  • I am very thankful for your help!  :)

    Here are the settings for the motion sensor (is there any better way to post them then screnshots?)

    Also i wonder why the two devices are not turned off at the time specified. I would notice if they are turned off and then the motion sensor turns them on again. Have i made any wrong assumptions about how flow works?

  • TowandaTowanda Member
    edited December 2017
    Now i have separated the flows and I have one flow with lumen and a separate one that turns the lights off at a specific time. For this try I have not separated weekends from weekdays. Both of the flow works as expected but why doesnt the combination work?
    I am planning a migration from my fibaro system and I really would like to keep the amount of flows down as much as possible.
    I am really interested in finding out how to build flows and how they work in Homey so thank you for any input!
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