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[APP] Unifi Video

jeroenbrosensjeroenbrosens Member
edited December 2017 in Apps
I started creating an app to support Ubiquiti UniFi Video devices, such as the NVR (Network Video Recorder) and the UVC-G3 range of cameras.

All functionality is based on my own reverse engineering of the UniFi Video API 2.0 and will initially include device discovery and camera snapshots. This will later be extended to include starting/stopping recordings, changing system/camera/recording parameters and motion triggers.

The current status is:
- Device discovery working
- API key settings page working
- Device capabilities implementation is WIP

I will release a beta soon, would be awesome if there are users that are willing to participate in testing!
And as always, all your input and comments are greatly appreciated!


  • jeroenbrosensjeroenbrosens Member
    edited January 2018
    As of today, my Unifi Video app has been published. If you have supported cameras, please try it out! I look forward to your comments :)
  • jeroenbrosensjeroenbrosens Member
    edited January 2018
    How to run the device discovery manually:

    0. Make sure you have node.js (and optionally, git) installed
    1. Download or clone the sources (git clone
    2. Open a terminal, go to the folder where you unpacked or cloned the source files and inside the 'lib' folder, run 'node test.js'
    3. Paste the output of the script on this forum thread.
  • Hello.. I’m back.. your first user to install this app..I’m loving it.. is there any chance you can add a function so I can watch the live stream on my Alexa?? I just got an echo spot device.. and I know it can say “show me bedroom cam” for example if I have a Nest cam.. but since the release of the new homey app in the Alexa store it is possible for Alexa to discover homeys devices so I figured it would be possible this way??
    pretty please..
  • @jeroenbrosens after updating to 1.5.8. I'm not able anymore to receive snapshots from my g3 in Telegram, did anything break? :p
  • Good question! I haven't looked at this combination yet, I am not working on my Homey app currently as we are prepping our newly built house for moving in somewhere in the coming weeks. If I have some time left I will definitely look into this; saw you also created a Github issue for it, thanks!
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