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Presence detection

For some reason the precense detection is very inconsistent and I am not sure what the problem is. Is it the app, my phone or Homey itself? I downloaded the beta app in the app store and have the same problem with that. Homey doesn't recognize my precense for days and then all of a sudden it starts working again for a few days. It has been on and off like that since I got Homey.
Is this a comon problem? Is there something I can do about it? 


  • It's at least the same experience as I have, sometimes running very well and sometimes very bad and unreliable.
    Seems to be a known problem, which might improve in the app v2, but not confirmed as official improved feature.
  • If u use the search function u will get about 100 links to our forum about presence, about it being very nice and about it not being nice at all. Also a lot of apps for presence. Plz use it.
    Gonna close this topic and it will vanish soon. If u have any problems with that plz contact me or another moderator.
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