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athom-cli package: connect through HTTP proxy

Hi Everyone,

I'm just starting getting my head around the athom toolchain. Trying to log in from work where proxy usage is mandatory.

I was able to install it by enabling the proxy in the npm config, however the athom toolkit doesn't seem to pick up any proxy settings. I've tried the usual ways (http_proxy environment variable). I'm on a Mac by the way.

Is there any way to get it to connect through a proxy?


  • Do you want to connect to a Homey on the other side?

    afaik athom-cli can only be used with Homey's localy on the network.  

    Join #developers on Slack for most direct contact about this kind of questions
  • TychoTycho Member
    edited December 2017
    It's about the login (the first step in the getting started guide), that doesn't work. I assume this won't go to the homey directly but through the Athom cloud, right? Because I didn't have to specify any IP to connect to. For the connection to the actual Homey I can work around it.

    I have too many Slacks I'm participating in so not really looking to join yet another one unless I start heavy development :) And this is not urgent.
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