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Venetian blinds with Fibaro Roller Shutter and (if necessary) Busch Jaeger 2020/4 US or Brel Motor

Hey guys, I really hope someone could help me!  o:) 

I'm planning to install 2 wooden 50mm Venetian blinds (jaloezieën) with Somfy Sonesse 40 WT (wired technology) motors. These motors need a wall switch to operate.

My situation:

I can power the Somfy motors to 230v and attach a Fibaro Roller Shutter V2 (FIB_FGR-222) to it but the location of the power supply is behind the kitchen cabinets. So It will be possible to attach the Fibaro Roller Shutter to it but I cannot put the Fibaro Roller Shutter at a location where I can attach a Bush Jaeger Jaloezie wall pulsswitch with having cables over the walls.

So my question is; can I just attach a Fibaro Roller Shutter (behind the kitchen cabinets) to the motors without having a physical wall switch attached to the Fibaro Roller Shutter and will it be possible to associate (or in a flow) the Fibaro Roller Shutter to an other Fibaro Roller Shutter/Fibaro Dimmer on a different location in the house for physical operating?

Also I would like to know if you pair a Fibaro Roller Shutter to Homey, will you get the option to choose between roller blinds (rolgordijn) and Venetian binds (jaloezieën) in the settings? I know this is possible within the Fibaro HC2 but no experience with Fibaro Roller Shutters paired to Homey.

> Somfy motor > Fibaro Roller Shutter > operating from an other location (and/or in a flow).

If the above is not possible, I would like to go for Venetian blinds with a Brel Motor (on battery pack) build in but Brel uses 433 so Homey can't know the current state of the blinds. Any people around with Brel Motors? If I send a command to tilt the blinds to close them and they are already closed, what will happen - etcetera?

Unfortunately most company's don't know anything about this and it will be a really expensive try-out to destroy brand new blinds and having Busch Jaeger + Fibaro parts lying around that I can't use.

Hope to hear from you guys soon, thank you very very very much in advance!  :)
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