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Smart Presence optimum settings

canedjecanedje Member
edited December 2017 in Apps
I use Smart Presence App to detect if somebody is home or not.
Some time it can not find devices and do find it back a couple off seconds later when at home.
I wonder if somebody know what the ideal settimgs are to prevent this loss both at the router and the device app in homey?
I do have a netgear X6 R8000 router and installed the App on Homey also.
So far I only played with the settings from the Smart Presence App
Current settings see below. and standard setting netgear router App see below
Problems appear the most with samsung s7 edges


  • mbalik79mbalik79 Member
    edited December 2017
    Have the same problem. Looks like after a few minutes when the screen is off the phone is going offline ( all energy save settings are already off). Think it is a android7 bug. If i turn on the screen of the phone it's online again. No problems with a samsungA5 with android6
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