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sensitivity in dark with fibaro motion sensor

canedjecanedje Member
edited December 2017 in Devices
I did bought a fibaro motion sensor for controlling my light in the living room.
I did write several flows to control it.
The most inportant is that if the motion sensor is detecting motion a timer is set again (5 minutes). If the timer is zero the light is switched off.
If there is enough light (above 400 lux) the sensor is sensitive enough and at every movement the timer is set again. If it is darker (about 5 lux) the detection is very unsensitiv.You realy need to move by walking within about 1,5 a 2 meter from the sensor.
I tried to change all settings and did go back to the initial settings.Nothing changed in my few.
I did mount the sensor in the corner at the ceiling. The distance to the sofa is about 4 meter.

Do anybody have some option how to get the sensor more sensitiv? by changing the settings in the sensor for example?
How do I need to point the sensor for example?


  • bewegingssensor gevoeligheid :/

    don't forget to wake-up the sensor before saving the changes, otherwise big change that nothing is saved at all

  • Interesting. I do own 6 of this particular sensors and I find no difference on sensitivity range in between light and dark.

    As glijie said, the change on settings are only saved after the sensor is woken up.
  • Thanks. How to wake up the sensor.?
  • 3 x click (blue light) 
  • Solved
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