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Solved Alexa

Amazon alexa"discover devices"

skandshusskandshus Member
edited April 2018 in Questions & Help
Would it be possible somehow, to make my Amazon alexa "discover" the homey, and thereby being able to controll all the other devices i have?

RIght now i have a lot of incompatible homekit devices, but by making homey a homebridge, they can be controlled in apple homekit App.

BUT. i would love to be able to do the same thing with my amazon alexa.. Is there any plans to make this possible or can i do something particular do make it work?  Like my Zigbee bulbs. when they are paired to my homey i cant use them on my alexa..

ps. i do not wish to do the "alexa. ask homey to xxx"

i hope i make my self clear.



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