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Zigbee Flows

Issues with multiple IKEA spots


I have an issue in one of my rooms where I have 10 IKEA GU10 spots as the main light. Every bulb is of course individually paired, but I find it hard to control them simultaneously. If I create a flow to set a scene including all bulbs, setting either the brightness or the temperature (or both) they randomly responds to the flow. Some changes, some not, different spots from time to time. The distance between Homey and the bulb is not a problem, they are in the same room, all within 3-4 m

I suspect the signals/commands from Homey is disturbing each others, something with timing or feedback from the spots. If I repeat the flow a number f times, eventually every spot changes.

My solution so far is to delay the signal for each spot. A little cumbersome, as setting the brighness and temperature for 10 spots will take 20 seconds..

Anyone have any experiences whith this?



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