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[Solved] Homey status by LED Ring

stepic7stepic7 Member
edited November 2017 in Archive
I would like to acknowledge the status of a virtual variable which keeps the status of the alarm
If the variable is on the "ON status", i.e. "Alarm ON" I would like to periodically (say  every few minutes) light on the LED ring of Homey

I can't figure out how to do because there is no trigger since it is a "static condition", although it could be triggered by the variable when it switches to the ON status. However how can I afterwards periodically acknowledge the status of the variable?
It should be a circular event to keep track of untill the status of said variable changes
thanks for contributions


  • U could 'turn on' a flow when variable changes to ON and 'turn off' the same flow when variable goes to off?
    The flow u turn on could be one with every few minutes AND variable in ON, THEN light on the led.
    The flow card is on the menu to the left:

    The card to use (turn a flow on) is this:

    When variable goes to off u can turn off the flow again.

  • following your suggestion I made a flow which recursively recalls itself after 5 min have elapsed
    It is called when the conditions for being activated are met in another flow,
    pls see screenshots of both flows
    doesn't seam to work though

    this is the recursive flow

    being called by:

  • Well, i did not suggest u 'start a flow' but 'turn on a flow'
    The flow in the top pic is repeating itself endless it seems.
    Will make some screenies after dinner if u like.
  • A indication from the LED ring could be an simple as this i Guess: it pulses every 2 minutes for me red or green depending on Alarm. 

    and be happy your the first flow will not work...
    1 Create's a "never ending loop", triggering the same flow could bring Homey to it's knee's... 
    2 if your save your Homey as then you start the loop again te Countdown timer is just started with 300 seconds. This condition is only true for 1 second, exactly 300-301 seconds after starting the timer you should trigger the flow to be true ( So you should start the countdown timer and trigger this flow exact withing that 1 second after 300 seconds. )

    My advice, delete this flow ;-) 

  • First i made a Boolean variable with the better logic app. i called mine 'Alarm' .
    U need to make a flow to change the boolean to true or false like with the button in ur first screenie:
    When button pushed THEN set boolean to true.
    After that u get 2 flows. I called the flows 'Stepic 1' and 'Stepic 2' .
    Here is 'Stepic 1':

    Here is 'Stepic 2' :

    Now when u push the button from the first flow u made, the boolean will change to true and will put 'Stepic 2' on. When pushing the button to off the 'Stepic 1' flow will kill the 'Stepic 2' flow.
    The rest u can fill in urselff me guess?

  • Hello
    thanks everybody for the contributions all very useful to understand
    I followed the seggestion by GeurtDijker and it works, I just replaced the tag with my virtual variable "Alarm status"
    I did not understand how to set tags and I must study a bit more for this purpose
    thanks again
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