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Which device class to use for location tracking?

Hi There,

I'm preparing an app for integrating GPS locations of trackers like this one: (, so you can track a car or a boat. Which device class do I have to use for this. Does a class with location triggers already exists? It could be a 'Sensor' with a 'measure_location' capability. I didn't found any of this in documentation. It would be awesome if I can run flows based on my car's location. Especially when someone drives it without the Homey app (nor permission)!


  • Well this is the problem with most of the trackers. They do not reveal their technical documentary. It really complicates integrating it with more third party services (like your planned integration application). Thanks to other gps software giants that do work on integrating all devices on one desired platform. I've found a lot of useful information on gpswox tracking server privider. The primary function is gps server services, but they provide server services for most of the trackers currently existing on the market. If you investigate their website more, you'll find a technical information about a lot of gps trackers, and instruction how to connect them. Also there is an answer to your question about what class to use. For example - there is a list of a lot of Cobans. ;)
  • Outdated. App available for a long time now:
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