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Flows Z-Wave

Advice for push buttons in 1 room

Guys a question which likely some of you had before, but in my hallway there are 3 push buttons, I installed a fibaro switch behind one and it works perfectly. However now I want to play with some flows on homey but the thing is, it doesn t know the state off the light : / since it is a push button it only sends a electric signal 1 sec and it doesn t know or the lights will toggle on or off, so the on and off functions don t work it is just always toggle. (so I could keep track of it in a variable but if one of the 2 other push buttons are used I woudn t know it)

Now I want like a toggle all devices off flow but the thing is the hall will just toggle. So I thought I got a light sensor (From fibaro (the eye thingie, motion sensor etc) and from aqara (human body sensor))

But the thing is, if I would like to check or the light is on or off, there is like a delay of I don t know 1 min or something
Is there a way to manualy say hey sensor give me the current light status of like right now then I know if I have to toggle on or off
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