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Fibaro FGWP-102 choosing non secure


I have a Fibaro Wall Plug, FGWP-102. This is a Z-wave plus device, but I want to add it as a non secure device to use associations wth one om my non secure thermostats. 

I have tried to choose the non secure alternative when pairing, but anyway it ends up added as secure.
Is it anyting I can do differently.



  • casedacaseda Member
    edited November 2017
    At the moment it is not possible to include a secure device unsecure if it has no option on its own to include unsecure.

    Choosing a different device in the device selector won't work as it is included based on the id's the device has (it would even include the right device if you selected a motion sensor)

    It already has a github issue, but couldn't find it so fast.
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