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Homey speech is so bad, that we ask Alexa to help???

hansjehansje Member
edited April 2018 in Archive
That the Homey speech sucks, is not new. Fortunately there is a new solution: Alexa speech. So now we can ask Alexa, to do something with Homey, instead of asking it directly. Is this something I should embrace? I think this solution sucks even more.


  • First of all : Homey speech doesn't "suck" for everyone. Depends on the placement of your Homey mostly, the acoustics. Also the tone and speed of your voice may matter.
    And second : If you had just typed Alexa in the search-box you would have seen that @Reinier is working on another solution:
  • Athom is only giving all the options they can with the amount of recources they have.
    With supporting Amazon Echo and Google Home they only give the user more options to use with homey. (support for both has been there for several months now).
    with Amazon Echo it will even become a bit easier in the near future, making it not necessary to ask Alexa to let homey do something. 

    Nothing is being forced on the user.
    And the speech process in homey is still being improved behind the scenes.
  • Homey is a domotica controller with some basic speech. Alexa is a speech assistant, with some basic domotica. Combining the two sounds like a perfect solution.. 
  • The idea of having a Home Automation controller with speech may work in small homes. But in larger homes it is more cost effective to deploy a Google Home mini or a Amazon Alexa dot in every room. If both Google Home and Amazon Alexa could be integrated as a proper Home Control device instead of these basic "ask Homey" skills, then everyone would be very happy...
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