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Danfoss and multisensor

I want to set a temperatur in a room and use a multisensor for temp readout, how can i make a flow so Danfoss termostat changes dynamically according to set temp?



  • Can u be a bit more specific on this?
    Like what u wanna achieve exactly?

  • Ok 
    I have danfoss termostat in my toilet behind a closed hatch (Central for floor heating) so it can not regulate the temperatur in my toilet correct 
    With normal termostat you use a wire with a sensor connected out side to regulate the room temp.

    So i want to be abel to regulate the danfoss termostat with a flow that uses the temperatur in my toilet 


  • RocodamelsheRocodamelshe Member
    edited November 2017
    Well, it's not the right way to do it but can think of something like:
    Make 2 flows.
    On the left is the sensor, on the right is the Danfoss. Don't have Danfoss so used my Nefit easy just to explain.

    2nd flow will be for on:

    Because the Danfoss is measuring the temp on the knob itself i used the 14 degrees for off and 28 degrees for on.
    The temp tag u have to drag from the left card to the middle card. This can be tricky but can be done. Just be patient.
    Left click the temp tag from the left card and hold the left mouse button. Drag it to the middle card and release it when u get the sign to do so. Be patient!.

    If u need any more information plz ask. The cards are all in Dutch so if that's a problem plz say so. If anyone has a better option to do this plz comment.

  • Thanks for the quick reply !!! i will try it out 

  • i am going to try this too with my TRVs on radiators.
    As they are right next to the radiator, they are rubbish at getting the temperature right, which cant be helping with fuel economy and keeping the room at a constant temperature.
    I am testing a similar flow to the one above that is using an Oregon scientific sensor in a room and it sends push notifications to my phone when the room is above or below a set temperature.  So, it sends a message to my phone telling me when the room is above 15 and a similar message when it is below.  It seems to be working.
    Next thing is to change the flow to swap the push notifications to either opening the valve fully or closing it.  (ie set it to max and min allowed)  Should.

  • the only difference in my flow is that in the action column i set one push notification for above 15 and a different notification in the else box for a notification for below 15 and it seems to be sending the messages correctly.  Therefore it is just one flow instead of two like the one above.
  • The flow is below, the socket is a dummy and it just has to be on for the flow to execute.

  • with your flow you get a message "More than 15...." when it is less Then 15 degrees And  Study is turned off

  • That's right, but if the socket is removed you get the messages correctly. 
    I added the switch as a test for something else.
    I have my heating zones on dummy switches, so what i am hoping will happen when ive played with the flow and swapped push messages for commands to the trvs is that when switch is on and the temperature is below a setpoint, it will open the radiator valve.  When the either the temperature is above the setpoint or the switch is off, the valve will close.
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