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Smoke alarm and window / motion sensors

Tim_BrassTim_Brass Member
edited November 2015 in Questions & Help

Hi All,

Could anyone advise me on which smoke alarm and window/door/motion sensors to use?
in case of fibaro, no need to own / buy the home center? Could those sensors communicate directly with Homey?
Is elgato eve an option?

I want Homey to be the controlcenter of my house without extra brigdes and so on. (have the hue bridge, that's enough)

Thanks for your expertise.....

Kind regards,



  • Hi Tim,

    If I understood correctly all z-wave sensors (you have fibaro motion and door sensors) should (eventually) work on the Homey. There are also 433mhz door en motion sensors which are a lot cheaper, but also quite a bit less reliable. I guess it all depends on your budget, if you don't mind burning up a couple of €/$/* then z-wave sensors would be the best solution.

  • Tim_BrassTim_Brass Member
    edited November 2015

    Hi Dieter,

    Thanks for your awnser. Then I'll most likely opt for the fibaro.
    Do I need the Home center? of could fibaro communicate directly with Homey?

  • Homecenter is not required, homey should replace the homecenter.


    Keep an eye on this link, right now they are back at the normal price, but they go up and down. I bought them a week ago for 22€!!!

  • What I'm curious about is how the Nest Protect smoke detectors will be integrated into the Homey environment. I'm currently in the phase where i need to replace my smoke detectors and was wondering if this Protect would be the correct choice or that Fibaro smoke detectors (or other detector) would be the better choice. As the Nests talk in native language in case of an emergency I already found out (based on a demo clip I ran on my laptop) that this is a better option for my kids as they fully understand what is going on instead of just hearing a loud beep. Combined with the support of Philips Hue light bulbs with these Protects it gives me a good options for my family to alert them.
    I hope that @emile @athom or anyone else can give me some more insights /clarity on the current functionality and support of the Nest Protect with Homey (apart from the fact they will be supported).
    Please note I don't want to use a Nest Thermostat as this doesn't give me any benefit.

  • Would be nice if they are going to be supported.
    Maybe by using the API that Nest provides.
    Anyway, I will not change my Nest Protect for other smoke detectors. I'm very happy with it and am going to buy another for the 2nd floor.

  • They seem to have an API, so it should not be a problem to use Homey with Nest Protect...

  • then I know where my next investment will go to..:-)

  • In case of a fire you might be Out of electricity and/or sight due the amount of thick black smoke.
    Take a look at
    And watch the time in the corner.
    The most important part is that you are awake and as an adult can evacuate asap.
    If there is no electricity, there is probably no internet (unless you have a UPS), so cloud based things don't work.

    Please think about your priorities at such a moment .
    It should ALWAYS work, inmediatly and without bugs or dependancies.
    Intelligence introduce bugs, period.
    You have only one life...

    I'm looking into adding a fibaro binairy module at a normal smoke detector which has an extra wire to connect multiple smoke detectors. This way I'm sure the smokedetector does it's job if needed. And if in such a situation homey is still functional and lights are working, it can control lights in addition, but I can't /won't depend on it.

    Just my 2 cents..

  • The nest protect works stand alone as far as i know. Voice is just an add on which helps the situation when having young childs.
    What im looking for is that it can also i.e. act as a sirene when it is triggered by a sensor.
    And yes, safety comes at 1st place, so that would be my starting point in the first place.

    Having fibaro smoke detectors doesnt make a difference compared to a nest right?
    Best option would be a stand alone system. Im looking for the solution which combines both...domotics and safety.

  • Nest Protect operates independent from the cloud based management.
    If you have more than 1 the devices will create a full mesh wifi network so they can communicate with each other even if there is no normal Wifi/Internet connection available.
    Nest Protect (as all smoke protectors) must comply with all regulations and they are very strict.

  • I have three nest wired nest protect v2 at home for a few months now. They have not given me any issues sofar. The pathlight goes on once you get closer, so the family can find the bathroom, without it being pitch dark. Furthermore, they are indeed connected to eachother independently from your own wifi setup.

    It is packed with sensors (motion, temperature, smoke, CO, light...) However, it seems that the interesting 2 sensors for daily use (motion throug the PIR) and temperature, cannot (yet?) be accessed through the API. For now it is only smoke & CO alerts which will be pushed to the app, and the app providesyou with an overview of the status over the past week, and the times the pathlight was switched on...

  • Hi All,

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. If I use a Nest thermostat (in my livingroom) can i set fixed temperatures in different rooms using this: ???

  • @Tim_Brass The radiator thermostat you linked to is just a Danfoss LC13, available for €59,98 on (

    Since the LC13 is Z-wave Homey should be able control it (sometime in the future?)

  • I currently use the Fibaro motion and door/window sensors in combo with a MiCasaVerde Vera 3. Works quite nicely, although the software on the Vera3 is horrible. Very much looking forward to my Homey!

    So yes, you can use the Fibaro stuff. They have a nice design and are well built and well priced. Recommended.

  • Just bought myself (and installed already) 3 nest protects.
    Curious on how these will integrate with Homey.We will see...
    Nice products these Nests btw !!

  • I am a customer of  FMC, Canada ( . Their alarm system can be adapted to IP, Cellular connections, phone line, DVACS (Digital Voice Access Control Systems) etc . So that the  fire alarm monitoring instantly transmits your emergency directly to the fire department. Each single second is crucial in such situations.  Another advantage is that FMC can provide a CAN/ULC-S561 certificate issued by ULC, noting compliance with Building Code and Fire Code requirements for Fire Alarm Monitoring.  :)

  • I've 3 Wireless Flamingo Smoke detectors Is it possible to connect this with Homey? The specs of the detectors are: 
  • Same here, got 4 FA21RF (Smartwares/ELRO) installed. (used to be connected to homewizzard, and since that one is going to retire.. ;))
  • UrandayUranday Member
    edited February 2016
    I've 3 Wireless Flamingo Smoke detectors Is it possible to connect this with Homey? The specs of the detectors are: 

    I would like to know this also. They operate standalone, but allow for control from the homey to turn off, see when triggered and turn on for other alarm needed scenario's....
  • DaanDaan Member
    Uranday said:
    I've 3 Wireless Flamingo Smoke detectors Is it possible to connect this with Homey? The specs of the detectors are: 

    I would like to know this also. They operate standalone, but allow for control from the homey to turn off, see when triggered and turn on for other alarm needed scenario's....
    Same issue here. I would love to be able to connect them to Homey. 
  • 433,92 should be possible> Did you try the kaku-app - codechecker? I'm just guessing but I think it's the same kind of signal as pressing a button on a kaku-remote?
  • I got my homey yesterday and so far added all my hue lights mi-light ledstrips and my nest thermostat. You can click the option for z-wave but im not sure how to add individual components. Does it still need a home center or something similar as a bridge or can i just buy sensors and add the directly?
  • Depends on the device but as a general for Z-wave you don't need another bridge.
  • JonJon Member
    @BasVanDenBosch ;Kaku codechecker did not work, unfortunately with the flamingo smoke detector.
  • MarkVanWindenMarkVanWinden Member
    edited May 2016
    did someone get an elro/flamingo smoke detector working yet? (FA21RF)
  • JonJon Member
    I'm interested too! 
  • YamahaaYamahaa Member
    me too
  • JonJon Member
    edited May 2016
    There appears to be a Flamingo app (developed by Athom, by the way!!) but until now only for switches, not smoke detectors...

    is it on the road map to have smoke detectors supported as well in this app? 
  • It depends !
    If you're going through a fire monitoring service, just give them a call and they will assist you with the whole process.
    If what you have is a basic fire alarm system, then I guess you can proceed and get what you think suits you the best. 
    I live in Toronto and we have strict laws here regarding our fire safety measures. 
    When I got Homey, I informed a fire monitoring service provider here, called Fire Monitoring Canada and they did the rest regarding tweaking the whole system to accommodate Homey. I migrated to them as my previous service provider weren't responding properly due to their lack of resources.
    I'd suggest that you do the same. Helped me as they also assisted me in upgrading and maintenance of my Fire Monitoring System to meet the latest standards.
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