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New Sonos app - to just control Sonos

JustjomiJustjomi Member
edited November 2017 in Ideas & Suggestions
I am in general very happy with Homey, but think the integration with Sonos for playing music could be improved as the Homey Music interface is not working for me.

The Sonos app I have installed, but in stead of controlling (like all other devices), Homey want's to control Sonos via its own Music interface. Knowing Sonos has 300+ developers to beautify the Sonos interface on all possible platforms, I prefer using the original Sonos app's. Also I think it would be great if Homey can control Sonos out-of-the-box, without the need for a Raspberry PI to issue commands. 

Can someone build a 2nd Sonos app, just controlling Sonos like 'play playlist xyz' or Radio Station 'Sky Radio'? Would this be possible and are more people interested in this?


  • JosStultjensJosStultjens Member
    edited November 2017
    It would also be nice if the Homey Sonos app would recognize if the native Sonos app on e.g. a mobile phone has paused or started playng music from a Tune-In radio station.
    At the moment Homey does not seem to poll the current playing status.
    I'm not sure if this is planned to be implemented in the next Homey Sonos app update. I also do not know when there will be an update rolled out for the Homey Sonos app. 

    I saw another discussion thread regarding the support of Tune-In radio. That is a better location for my post.
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