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infrared heating

Hi there,

Does anyone has experience with Infrared heating and how to use this in combination with Homey? I'm considering to move away from traditional heating via (hot water) radiators and also using an electrical boiler. I've already solar-panels for more than a year.
Using floor heating and wall panels. I suppose you can use Fibaro or Qubino devices or even Z-wave plugs to control the on/off of the heating panels. But how to control the temperature? When is a room warm enough to switch the heating off?
I've seen this


  • @gebel there are thermostats available specifically for electrical heating systems; like Heatit or MCOHome has...
    they work with electrical floor heating, but I would guess they also work with electrical powered infrared heaters...
  • donaldwatsondonaldwatson Member
    edited November 2017
    Thanx for that useful response
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