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Help with flow: variable

Is this dumbass overlooking something, thinking to difficult? Tried Boolean etc. Can't get it to work. Trying to give the light switch (pulse, 2 way working with Qubino) a double function. It triggers a flow when pushing it in the morning. It also starts my TV etc. Then, when the news starts i would like to pause the DVR by hitting the switch again. The pause function works, tested it with a testflow.


Only when variable is set the button sends pause:


  • The triggers are both the same? So when the lamp is turned on, everything is set to on and you're variable is set to one. With the same trigger (and the variablenisnt probably set to one yet) you check if the variable is one.

    So you got now:
    - When lamp turned on, set variable to one, play something
    - When lamp is turned on and variable is one, set stuff to pause

    I think you should change your second trigger to something that is actually triggered when you stand up
  • When lamp turned on------and number is 0-------then put evrything on AND set number to 1
    When lamp turned on------and number is 1-------then pause AND set number to 0
    Can also be done with booleans ofc, just let them flip in the both flows and check for true or false.
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