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Bluetooth device support?

Starting to be friends with my homey and very happy with the desktop app layout to setup things.

However - I would have loved to know if some of the more popular bluetooth devices supported:

Flic - - since they are very nifty/small and quite good "bang-for-your-buck".


Plejd - since they are the only one yet to provide a CE approved built-in dimmer with a "wheel-based" button = huge WAF in my home.

...are planned to be supported once the full BT support goes online.

Does anyone know or have a clue?

#bluetooth #BT #Flic #Plejd


  • Flic - Since they smell nice  <--- would be a better imho.

    Bluetooth is partially activated on Homey, but in beta and missing a few functions.
    I have tried to add flic buttons support in the past (created an app, paired them) but couldn't subscribe to events.

    There is a big BT update coming 1.6.0 should support bluetooth speakers as well. So lets hope that opens up some more possibilities :smile:

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