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Sonoff RF 433 Mhz Functionality

Hi Guys,

In my garden I'm using the Sonoff RF, for cycling my Garden Lights: Link
My Homey is close enough tho the receiver for 433 Mhz.

I know that the Sonoff can be managed as a arduino ESP, but therefor I have to flash it. A simpler solution for me could be using the 433Mhz. Currently I'm using a seperate 433Mhz remote as seen in: Link. With this remote I was able to connect the Sonoff RF signal to a button on this remote.

I've tried whether the signal was the same as on the KAKU app or the Action app. Didn't try them all, but so far I'm unfortunately unable to use them. Does anyone how I can check if this signal is supported or how this signal can be added. I'm not very familiair with adding apps to Homey... :)

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,



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