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[App] Flow Backups (v1.1.1)



  • The issue of @ArenBreur  has been solved. Thanks Aren, for sending your backup file.
    In the version submitted to Github, functionality has been added as well to be able to copy flows without making a backup.

    Please note that backups made with the version 1.0.0, are not compatible anymore with the latest version (1.0.2).
    For current users, please re-install the app and create a new backup.
    In the future, I will ensure that older backups will always be usable.
  • Cool  :) any idea when the app is in the appstore? 
  • No idea, it's up to Athom to approve the app.
  • The app is available in the App Store.
  • Thanks for this great app!
  • Thank you :smile: 

  • Thank you very much!
  • Thanks @SergeR for this very usefull app. I have tried to copy a flow to a new one and it works perfect!
  • Thank you @SergeR, great app. Now I am no longer afraid of losing all my flows.
  • This is a very usefull en needed app, thank you @RergeR
  • Thanks for making it!   :)
  • Thanks!  :)

    Athom should have made this a long time ago. It would have saved me a lot of time of recreating flows..
  • @SergeR  top app well done
  • MennoMenno Member
    edited November 2016
    @SergeR  You're a life saver! And definitely a HOURS saver
  • great job, thx
  • THNX, as mentioned by all the above, Great app and a necessary addition to Homey!
  • Great app, very nicely done!!
    To be able to copy flows is very nice!
  • Hello,

    How do I get my “bearer token” ?

    Right-click on your Homey, and select the option 'Copy link address' => does not work from my windows desktop app. (Right-click = nothing happens).

  • Go to
  • Go to
    In Chrome, not the Homey desktop app. 
  • The update is available in the App Store! 
    I should also work from  the new Mobile App.
  • WRosWRos Member
    edited October 2017
    Is it possible to restore a backup, so I can transfer a flow to another homey?

    Btw, great job to maintenance this app!
  • WRos said:
    Is it possible to restore a backup, so I can transfer a flow to another homey?

    Btw, great job to maintenance this app!
    Yes you can restore the flows to other Homey's , but all device cards will be broken as these have unique IDs on every Homey / pairing. For some RF 433 it maybe would be possible to create some sort of import/export, but for Z-Wave, Zigbee and many other  it would not be possible except from the core of Homey (Security).

    Also local on your homey:
    • if you accidentally modify or delete flows, just restore. 
    • If you delete / re-pair devices it won't work. 
    We are still waiting for a better solution from Athom as promised for Homey Firmware version 2.0 
  • my experience with the app is as follows,because of the unknown nodes in my zwave i decided to rebuild my zwave from scratch,so i needed to repair my devices no problem.
    before i made a backup of my flows,my flows are build up in several directories
    After  the repairing of my devices i removed the flows by hand to be sure of no double flows after restore
    so no flows and after the restore of the flows,all the flows were put i n the root and all the directories were gone,hmm not nice
    allthough this is an app fault,my opinion is that this app is quite usefull and saves you from a lot off flow work hi
    sofar my experience,now i have no unknown nodes anymore in my zwave
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