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console.log does not print out anything

I'm just getting started trying to write a really basic driver. My pairing code UI works, but "console.log" function does nothing.
Please refer to this screenshot

I have tried both console.logthis.log. None of them give any errors or output to the console.
I'm running the app via "athom project --run" command as seen in screenshot.

For what it worth, my Homey does not react to "okey homey" since I got it out of the box.

Please help


  • Web based logs will be displayed in chrome's Console, not in the cli
  • Indeed, so to further clarify: console.log in the from the settings (constructing html-pages) will be shown in chrome-console while console.log in the other js-files (running in the backend) will be shown with "athom project --run".
  • torinnguyentorinnguyen Member
    edited October 2017
    I have console.log everywhere including driver.js and device.js. None of them showing anything.
    Here's my device.js code
    The code runs all ok. I got new device added, but absolutely no logging.
    console.log works for me here, shows when running the app. Did you try Homey.log?
  • I can do console.log in the App class too. But that's the only place that it prints out. I need it to work inside driver.js and device.js.
    Homey.log does not work as well.
    Here's another screenshot of my driver.js
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