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Automate Bathroom Pullswitch Light

I want to be able to automate my bathroom pull switch light. All the lightswitches I see on the market are for standard sockets so I'm not sure how to do this...

I want to link it with a PIR for motion turn off, but equally have it able to be turned on manually (with the pullchord)

Presumably, being a bathroom there is some level of IP rating required too...



  • Put a Fibaro dimmer2 behind the pull switch
  • Will that work? I've watched a few vids and it seems that to use a dimmer2 you need to have a momentary switch (to be able to hold down do the dim up and down?)
  • For dimming that's correct!
  • For dimming that's correct!
    Ah, but you're saying if i wire in that way, while not being able to dim, the pull chord would allow it to turn on and off still, and dimming (not that i really need it) could be controlled otherwise?
  • Yup. U could set dim level with a flow .
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