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Infrared IR cannot pair remote

TorrfuraTorrfura Member
edited October 2017 in Devices
I'm trying to add custom IR remotes to replicate a signal. As you can see in provided video, Homey can read the signal (as the icon animates when I press a button on the remote) but when Homey says that a button is added, it does not respond to the remote anymore, and it doesn't send any IR signals in a flow for example.

How do I achieve this simple task?


  • sending IR should work (you can check with the front camera of your phone probably):

    As to reacting to buttons, that's not possible right now without a workaround. If you choose an existing brand and device, delete some buttons from it in the next step and add your buttons, Homey will probably react to receiving IR too.
  • vyncke002vyncke002 Member
    edited March 2018
    I succeed in adding different buttons from my Vlaanderen Telenet decoder remote control.
    Testing them works too.
    But on the icon that appears is not steering wheel like with the other IR devices, so I do not succeed yet in using what I configured. Can anybody help please.
  • can anybody help?

  • You better create an issue on GH, afaik there's no issue for that yet. But sure to add [app v2] in the title and could you make a screenshot of what you mean because I don't understand what you mean with "steering wheel"?
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