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[Solved] Dimming with Ikea round dimmer and bulb

zshfzshf Member
edited October 2017 in Archive
Hi all,

I have 1 round Ikea trådfri dimmer and 1 e27 dimmable Ikea bulb.

I included them both and they seem to work fine, except for the dimming part.
Controlling the bulb only via "slider" works fine, but it would be nice to be able to use the small round dimmer as intended :)

Does anyone have example for a flow to have a dim function as seamless as it works with Ikeas gateway?

1. When I turn dimmer counter clockwise (left) it should dim down and at the end turn off
2. When I turn it clockwise (right) it should dim up
3. Dim in hops/segments maybe 10% 30% 50% 70% 100%

Thanks in advance



  • No one actually using these?

    Anyway, I've been randomly testing and apparently I needed a logic with a value. Just took 0.1 (guess)
    Now it dims up and down (right/left), but it won't turn the light completely off and its painfully slow (responsiveness). Changed the sensitivity of the dimmer under device settings from standard 1 to 0.1, bit better but not that much.

    Screenshot of the "somewhat" working flow

  • Just to be sure, you already did this?

  • Hi bvdbos,

    Oh boy do I feel stupid :(
    Never realised I could add value "sticker" to the "Set Brightness" as it displayed the slider on mouse over, instead of the empty input field where sticker would "fit".<span>:neutral:</span>

    Your example worked nice except I wasnt able to turn off the light completely. Added the following and now it works as intended both for dim up/down and as soon as it hits the value less of 0.1 it also turns it off :)


  • @zshf: Do you still have the inresponsiveness? or how did you tackle that problem?

  • Roephoed said:

    @zshf: Do you still have the inresponsiveness? or how did you tackle that problem?

    It works fairly well, however it is not as responsive as it was without homey. Obviously on-off is as responsive, but diming requires gentle touch and delay is about 1-2 seconds before luminosity changes. So far from perfect by using conventional dimmer, but good enough for me.
  • OK, then I know enough, thanks! 
  • @zshf what's the distance between homey and the dimmer.
    I want to buy a dimmer, but the distance between the location I gonna mount the dimmer and homey is almost 7 meter. 2 walls and 1 floor. 

    I think the distance would be a problem. What do you think?
  • In my case i have 2 sets of dimmers

    Livingroom 1 controlling one light and its about 2m away from Homey
    Kitchen 1 controlling 3 gu10 and 1 e27 which is about 4m from Homey and "half-wall" between them, so not clear sight.

    I am not sure how well it will work, considering that dimmer only hooks up / pairs to one device and routes through it.
    This pairing / association seems to me completely random, as I have multiple devices way closer to my dimmer than the "Socialroom" (in example below ) which is on the other floor. So why it picked that one over closer devices I have no idea nor do I know how to correct it.

    This also means that if i turn flip the wall switch to off in the Socialroom, dimmer will stop working (this was discovered by colleague of mine who also bought Homey). For how long it will stay disconnected/useless or whether it will attempt to "route" via another node after a while I am not sure of.

    And the one in Livingroom, thats the one which is like 2 meters (free sight) from Homey. That one communicates to Homey directly as you can see from image below, and, what I assume is shown as signal strength, is at 11%, not that impressive really

  • Wow, you've already a lot of devices. I haven't any zigbee modules yet. 
    I forget that zigbee used the mesh principles. So when I've problems with the distance, I've an excuses to buy more.

    Thank you to describe your situation. Have fun!
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