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My Review of Homey

Just did a review of Homey on my own blog =)

PS: It is not a sponsored post.


  • Great and detailed review! Thumbs up!
  • Thanks =)
  • Awesome review!
  • joycemorrisjoycemorris Member
    edited October 2017
  • You seriously got your bomb shelter zwaved?
  • Mathijs said:
    You seriously got your bomb shelter zwaved?
    Yea hahah
  • Thanks for the review.

    I currently have fibaro HCL, NEST, Harmony and mainly fibre modules rgbw/ dimmer/ relays. Presently I work all through IOS medium.

     I was thinking of support for googlehome, due to its ability to answer/ search google and answer questions from my kids. The idea a number of google mini in different rooms, all linked back to the one controller so basically we have a limited talking autonomous home. 

    As fibaro appears to be slow to integrate googlehome thought homey maybe useful, plus it may give me the option to use Siri as well. 

    I had looked at possibly integrating a raspberry pi and running homebridge but now this does not appear to work with googlehome anymore. It does seem that Homey still has some work to do and we do not have any android devices in the house (although I could borrow one if the need was once off).

    Any suggestions how you would go about achieving my end goal from my starting point?
  • For me, I considered Nest and Harmony as separate hub. I am only using Nest Cam here in Singapore, so I don't really need to integrate it. For Harmony, it works on Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

    I would say Homey still has quite a way to go before meeting your requirements, but it is a good start!
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